The spaceport Ryker

The city is called Wonderland and is a settlement for people that together are trying to survivor the apocalypse.


The lands have never been rich, but Wonderland its new status as a hub for the people is changing things.

People fleeing to the new city have attracted several groups of raiders and scavengers, taking advantage of the needy.

Rumvæsner, Cybonetik & Bionetik

Many have sought the secrets of Rad-eX and many believed to have found them. But with the Change came something that changed the way things works.

The many homebrewed versions of Rad-eX started to react, some report that it triggers violent and massive mutations other than that it causes death.

One thing is sure, the people will only touch RadeX from a clean source and condemn the ones experimenting with this needed medication.

Do not let them divide us! No person should need to be registered. High Rads need help not discrimination and persecution.

Concept art


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